Sunday, May 13, 2012

Carlie Waterman | The Innovators MBFWA.

Carlie Waterman at MBFWA.

She was one of the select few graduates chosen to take part in the Innovators show at Fashion Week.
Her collection was defined by it's attention to detail, architectural structure, 
beautiful, bright fabrication, amazing headpieces and gorgeous prints.
Check out the full collection here.

I'm totally lusting over that printed jacket she's wearing. Big time.

Also, take a peek at the short film 'Concertina' which takes a closer look at the amazing detail
of some of the up-and-coming designers collections from the show shot by Ryan Barry-Cotter and Samuel Raftl.

Source: yukalirae +lisacouturing instagram.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Being Lara Bingle | Sneak Peek.

The first look of Lara's Bingle's reality show 'Being Lara Bingle'.
I actually can't wait to tune in really soon.

Hermione and Lara are the cutest.


Team Anja | THE MET BALL.

Anja Rubik at the Met Ball wearing Anthony Vaccarello.

Honestly, I think that Anja looks incredible. She's that one in a million that can pull this dress off.
I don't think that she looks too thin at all, to me, she looks toned and healthy.
That's why she's a s u p e r m o d e l, because she looks the way she does.

Gwyneth and Anne V have done it all before, right?

The sad thing though, is seeing the comments that say, 
"ewww" or "someone get this girl a burger", "that's disgusting", "she's anorexic", "skinny is not sexy"... 
It's hurtful for girls, like me, who are naturally skinny and have a body shape like Anja's (minus the sky high legs). 
It can be perceived as a personal attack - that being skinny is not okay, that we are built wrong and that we are unwomanly.

I read an article in Grazia a little while ago that I related to entirely, 
about Australian model, Codie Young, who was deemed too thin to represent TopShop in their campaign at the time.
It was these words that resonated with me the most...
"Throughout high school people called me anorexic and asked if I was bulimic, which was extremely hard to deal with."
"For someone to say it's not okay to be as skinny as me is like saying it's not OK for me to be who I am; 
I get that not everyone is as skinny but then not everyone has curves to flaunt either."

'Fat' or 'anorexic'... It hurts just as much.

I'd love to hear your honest thoughts on Anja's Met Ball look.

Source: google images.