Friday, September 30, 2011

Versace S/S 2012 Milan Fashion Week.

I'm a little slow on the MFW train, but Versace blew my mind.

For someone who dreamed about becoming a mermaid, the latest collection is close to a dream come true.
I'm yet to see the footage, but it seems like an magically intimate show, with the mood being set by an luminescent glow,
like a light from a swimming pool, which lit up the Via Gesu show space.
And out of that glow walked mythical-like Versace goddesses adorned in seashells and sea crustaceans; seahorse and starfish.

I'm such a dork... I sat there clicking through the pics picturing which celeb or model I would put in which dress 
if I were their stylist and the responsibility was all mine.
Bless you Donatella!

PS. Lindsay Wixon came crashing down, not once, but twice, in this show - the poor girl.
PPS. I adore how you let me know which model is which. Makes google imaging them so much easier!


Wildfox x Jeffery Campbell Collaboration.

Sneak peek of Wildfox 'White Label' S/S 2012.

Wildfox Couture has collaborated with Jeffery Campbell. 
And even though I loathe the sight of the JC Litas, I kind of feel that this is the perfect match... Right?
After having "a shoe love affair", which resulted in pulling styles for their WF shoots over the years, the two wildly talented designers
have created a dream ballerina platform, sky high strappy heels, denim platforms and '90's inspired military boots, to name a few.

I'm kind of in love with the entire look above.
Her pastel purple hair, that soft Wildfox dress and those ballet platforms are all to die for.

The Wildfox Couture for Jeffery Campbell collection will be available February 2012 at select retailers around the world.

Australia's Next Top Model Week Seven.

This weeks shoot on Australia's Next Top Model was a 1920's theme along-side actor Lincoln Lewis.
In order to prepare them in taking on an unfamiliar character from many centuries ago, the girls took part in an acting challenge
 which saw Maddi, Montana and Simone nab a contract for a commercial with Telstra.

The judges weren't too happy with many of the girls attempts in their shoot this week, 
but chose Izzy, Simone and Rachel as this weeks front runners. Why they keep babying Rachel is beyond me! 
I thought that Jess looked incredible and stood out the most in her shot, despite the judges implying that she looked a little hoochie for this concept. 
Her outfit was so beautiful and I want it a whole lot!
I also thought that Izzy's emotion was so perfect for the brief of her shoot in particular, where they were to imagine they were leaving a loved one behind.

If you want to know who any of the pieces are by, just holla!

Ps. My fave's still Montana!

Source: facebook/australiasnexttopmodel

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taylor Tomasi Hill Fashion Week Fave.

This is my favourite fashion week outfit of Taylor's this year.

I love the neutral skirt and the gold chain belt, but the best part is the half-tucked printed shirt.
The only detail I would change is those wrap around lace heels - I really don't like shoes like that. 
If she had have worn cute ankle booties with a peep toe, kind of like the lady next to her in the first shot, this would have been perfecto.

But, in the words of Guiliana Rancic, she looks amazeballs!

Source: tfs.

Australia's Next Top Model Week Six.

Week Six shot at Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

I really liked the whole tribal theme behind the costumes used in the shoot this week.  
Although again, this shoot was a bit of a letdown. 
My favourites didn't shine this week, I guess the intense weather conditions really didn't aid in enhancing their performances, 
but just the overall results from the girls in this shoot was nothing spectacular, like you would have hoped from a shoot and location like this.

1. Izzy wears clothes from Costume Hire Shop, Aurelio Costarella corset belt + Dinosaur Designs jewellery
2. Hazel wears blanket cape and vintage fur wrap from Grandma Takes A Trip, Flannel braided leather top + Dinosaur Designs jewellery
3. Liz wears Levis denim shirt, blanket wrap and headpiece from Grandma Takes A Trip + Dinosaur Designs jewelley
4. Jess wears vintage furs from Grandma Takes A Trip, Aurelio Costarella leather top + Dinosaur Designs jewellery

Source: facebook/australia'snexttopmodel

T by Alexander Wang S/S 2012.

T by Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2012.
These are my six favourite picks from the collection.
I love the soft fabrics and the pastel colour palette, but more specifically, that entire first look.

Always amazing. Always genius. Always lust-worthy.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Christine C's Fashion Week Looks.

I'm completely in love with both of Christine's looks.
The first outfit is my absolute fave by far - I want to be in it.
I love how she's paired the same shoes in each shot with different pieces worn on top.
But I L O V E the sharp structure of both of the skirts more.

Now for her and Kanye's debut at Paris Fashion Week.
I'm dying to see!

Source: stockholmstreetstyle + tfs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Very Own 'MyLookBook' Feature.

Not too long ago the lovely Krista Eppelstun from the blog and online fashion magazine MyLookBook
contacted me in regards to contributing to the latest Spring issue.
I felt so honoured that I was asked to be apart of such a great publication that I jumped at the opportunity.
There was no way I was going to turn it down!

The Spring issue is filled with so many treasures.
Most excitedly, there are a number of wonderfully talented contributors, 
including Eleanor Pendleton, Beauty Editor of InStyle magazine, who reveals her beauty rules for spring 
and also, an exclusive interview of the ever-so-popular Mandy Shadforth from Oracle Fox.

My role in this issue was to put together my Spring 'Wish List' of 8 must-have items.
It was definately the perfect assignment for me as I had already practically formed a mental wish list in my head.
Narrowing that down, however, proved to be just a little bit difficult, but I did it!

Take a peek at the entire MyLookBook Spring magazine here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Instagram Love.

My friends and I sipping on delicious cocktails at one of my bff's 21st in January 2010. 
(Embarrassing) Me on the far left wearing Bec & Bridge | dress, Pilgrim | blazer, Forever New | heels.

I'm so into Instagram right now, it's ridiculous. It's beginning to be like my second blog.
Come and find me under 'CarolynTalulah'.

PS. I have some exciting news to share with you all hopefully tomorrow!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Story Behind Kate's Blue Hair.

I always wondered what the exact inspiration was behind Kate Bosworth's blue dip-dyed mermaid locks,
and now thanks to StyleCaster and the Jewelmint blog, I now know.

The story goes a little something like this...
Both Kate and her stylist and business partner Cher, shared a huge love for the faded pink locks in the Givenchy Fall 2010 ad campaign. 
They wanted to pay homage to this grungy look, while keeping it simple in the make-up 
and they felt that the StyleCaster shoot was the perfect opportunity to do it. 
Amazingly, her hair fit in perfectly with the bright colours and sporty vibe of the overall shoot.

They initially tried blue extensions, but Cher felt that they were too stiff and unnatural, so Kate said, "Let's just dye my real hair".
Thankfully it worked out perfectly and both Kate and Cher were extremely happy with the results. 
Although, little did they know that it would be hard to wash out, resulting in Kate wearing her freshly dip dyed locks to the Coldplay concert that night.

Who knew!

Bec & Bridge S/S Violet Haze II

Bec & Bridge Spring/Summer 'Violet Haze'.
This is their second drop from this seasons collection which are available in stores as of September.

I really love the pastel colour palette - it's so perfect for spring time.
I'm a huge fan of the all-white look, so I think that the ones above are my favourites from the bunch,
aswell as that baby blue sweater, the lavender swing dress (that I already have in white) and the shorts suit in the last shot.

Bec & Bridge really know how to design and create clothes that every girl will love completely.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Elin Kling NYFW.

The ever-so-stylish Elin Kling around town at New York Fashion Week.

1 + 2. Before and after the Tibi show, in which she helped style, dressed head to toe in Tibi.
3. At the Mulberry party in a dress by Phillip Lim Resort 2012.
4. Saying goodbye to NY in head to toe in Phillip Lim, apart from her Nike cap.