Sunday, February 28, 2010

Autumn Autumn Go Away.

I've been a little busy with work lately, so I haven't had too much time to post anything. 
However! I do have a whole heap of things clogging up my desktop ready for publishing.

Unfortunately, winter is looming. I can say I have avoided the stores for about 2 weeks now because I'm totally dreading seeing winter stock everywhere. Summer isn't over yet!!! It makes me sad to see the new styles and colours for next season when I'm not ready to be wearing any of it yet. Stay longer summer, please! 
But while we're on the topic, this is what I intend my winter wardrobe to look like...

Isn't she gorgeous?
I'm loving the pop of red with the plaid shirt over the black tank, the dark blue skinny jeans and the biker ankle boots. Hair and make-up wise - Love both! The loose toussled locks and the rouge lips.
Perfect model-off-duty look and something I definately will be incorporating into my wardrobe in the next few months.

Model: Lindsay Ellingson
Source: stockholmstreetstyle

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sienna At Matthew Williamson.

Pretty girl.
The Chloe shorts. Wow, wow, wow. You know I adore them!

Sienna Miller at Matthew Williamson's show.
Fashion Week 2010.

Source: justjared.

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Kate's Month.

Kate Bosworth at the Women's Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Collection After Party looking ah-mazing as always.
My favourite! - She never disappoints. Is there anything that she can't pull off? 

Source: zimbio.


" You are so handsome that sometimes, when I look at you, I get all nervous inside, like the first time I saw you. "

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flower Power.

Abbey Lee takes on Russian Vogue.
She looks absolutely incredible.
I love the softness of the shoot, the clothes and the floral headpiece/necklace. So beautiful.
I wonder what she'll do next.

Vogue Russian March.
By Josh Olins.
Source: fashiongonerogue.

Take Me To Paradise.

The super gorgeous Anja Rubik in possibly my favourite shoot of her, ever.
Makes me want to travel somewhere tropic so, so bad.
Morning Beauty by Carter Smith.

Source: fashiongonerogue.

Remember Me.

I am so utterly excited for this movie to come out! And no, not just because Robert Pattinson is in it. 

Remember Me.
Out March 11th in Australia.

I'm there.

Source: vogue america

Kate. Chanel. Kate.

Although I totally adore Kate and this dress and her gorgeous flawless face, there was something holding me back from completely loving her look at the Rouge Coco de Chanel Dinner - I'm pretty sure it was the ballerina inspired hair-do. I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it. I think with some wispy, flowing pieces of hair framing her face, like in the image below, she would have looked even cuter!

Source: justjared +

I Like Her Style.

Pip Edwards. 
She's always dressed right! How can you not look super fabulous all the time, when your job gives you access to the most amazing clothes out there? Here she is with Aleesha Aboud at the recent Chanel Spring/Summer 20101 show recreated by the Chanel Australia team at Inglis Newmarket Stables. 

I have missed the white blazer look - I think she looks super stylish. 
But her hair just brings her down. I've never been a fan of her hair.


Australian Beauty.

Gosh I love Jess Hart's down-to-earth Australian vibe.
And how beautiful Australia is.


Source: JessHartBlog.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Adore Whitney Port.

Whitney is definately another fashion inspiration of mine. She's always dressing right, wearing the most amazing colours and styles that suit her to a tee. I'm especially loving that light pink boyfriend blazer and her flowing golden locks. I need to be more daring.

Source: starstyleinc.

New Crush Alert!

Nico Tortorella Yes, please!
I was never really into him when he was on "The Beautiful Life" and in the past I have a little feeling he wouldn't have been considered "my type", but there's definately a little something about him. 
He has the cutest smile, perfect pearly whites and has great style. His character 'Razor' in his new show "Make It Or Break It" is so adorable! I find some of the show to be a little boring in parts, but he certainly makes up for it!

...I think I'm in love.

Belated Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday lovelies!  

Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen.♥

"Alexander McQueen was the quintessential bad boy made good. 
He had brains and brawn, surviving over ten years as a solo designer."

His utterly amazing creative direction will be missed oh so greatly!
He's a true genious.

My favourite collection to date will definately is his 
"Plato's Atlantis" Spring/Summer 2010.
Totally out of the world. Totally brilliant. Totally inspirational.



Monday, February 8, 2010

Abbey Takes Over Vogue Australia. Again.

This is way over due, but Abbey in this months Vogue is out of this world! 
I'm not into the whole "neon" styling, but she looks pretty incredible. 
It's all about the Australian surfing culture - Bondi beach being the perfect fit.

Vogue Australia March 2010.
Photographed by Max Doyle.
Styled by Naomi Smith.

Source: tfs.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


" you're the cutest person i've ever known
... in every sense of the word. "

Bring Zara To Australia!


In order of favourites. 
I'm completely in love with white on white on white right now. 
So summery and fresh.

Zara LookBook 2010.
Source: fashiongonerogue.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Camilla & Marc Amazement.

I want this. Simple.

It looks so incredible in both colours. But I think right now the white has won me over!
That first outfit is super stylish to a tee. I'm in love.

Source: (ican'tevenremember).


Okay, so I've been a little M.I.A. (missing in action) as of late. I'm sorry. Just thought I'd take an incredibly short break from the blogging world and lap up the sunshine a whole lot more this week! 
I've gone a little "Doppelganger" crazy (along with the rest of the Facebook community it seems!) I'm finding it super hilarious and utterly entertaining seeing which celebrity my friends have chosen to represent them this week being "Doppelganger Week". I used to get told all the time that I looked like Mischa Barton, but The O.C. days Mischa Barton, when I had more of my natural blonde hair colour, which I was totally okay with. But, not too long ago my amazing and very generous friend told me that I remind her of Sienna Miller, so that's mine! 
I want to know who you've been told you look like?

I wish I looked that good!

Yay, I get Jude! 

Mischa in the old O.C. days. Pretty girl.

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