Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedding Bells.

I need a dress for a wedding coming up mid-May. My mum advised me to start looking for something a month ago, because I'm super fussy and usually don't find anything until the 11th hour. As stores lack gorgeous finds the majority of the time, and while the shops are closed at this hour, I decided to take to looking online to give me some sort of inspiration and ideas. 
I found this French Connection dress on
It's rather cute, but I have concerns of whether the studs would make or break the dress in person. 
My favourite part about it is the embellishing in the collar. Bliss.

What do you guys think??

Bright Lights And The City Sky.

The whole pose is perfect.
It's such a great photograph.

Reminds me that a good night out on the town is well over due!

Source: 10th muse.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Kind of stolen from Birdy & Me’s blog.
Just a little Q&A that got sent around like a chain letter.
I thought I’d sit down and have a go better I head off for a long night of work.

I have to list 10 things I LOVE, 10 things I DON'T LOVE
and 5 random things about me.

So here I go:


1. Fashion.
Everything about it. Really.

2. Magazines.
I’m totally addicted. Like, it’s not even normal.
I keep them. Always. I feel major regret if I go to throw any out.

3.Kate Bosworth. 
She’s just amazing. I love her to pieces.
Style inspiration. Successful. Super gorgeous.

4. Bec Parsons.
My favourite Australian photographer.
She’s just a complete genius.
Her chosen subject matter is just so me.

5. Cupcakes.
They’re cute and delicious.

6. Marcus Hedbrandh.
My ultimate number one male model in the world.
Super cute. Entertaining - in a hilarious way. Swedish.
Pretty sure we'll end up together. 

7. Cute movies.
Nothing better than crawling into bed after a long day
with a movie filled with romance and eye candy.

8. Sweden.
I need to be there.

9. My family and best friends.
It’s simple.

10. My dreams, interest and goals.
I may have not realized them all just yet,
but the prospect is exciting!


1.    Being a scaredy cat.
Argh. Makes regret so many great things that ‘could have been’.

2. Girls and inappropriate clothing.
I don’t get it.
They should take this advice and dress for women, not men.
It’s wise.

3. Competition.
I’m not a competitive person. I wish I were.
Whether it has to do with boys, jobs, sport. I’ll give my best, but I’m not one to put up a massive fight.

4.  Being late.
I sometimes procrastinate so badly before I walk out of the door.
No idea.

5. Hating on Justin Bieber.
Leave him alone; he’s a cutie.

6. Snacking on junk food.
I need to cut that shit outtt.

7. Catching public transport.
It takes up too much unnecessary time.
So unreliable and costly.

8. Early mornings.
I wish I were a morning person, I really do.

9. Money.
Wanting to do/buy the most expensive things,
but not having the cash required.
E.g. European adventures and that Chloé bag.

10. Needing new clothes ASAP, but stores having nothing to offer.
Hate, hate, hate.
This is always me.


1. When watching The O.C. I like to think that I’m Mischa
because I get to wear that Chanel dress, be besties with Rachel Bilson and mack Cam Gigandet.

2. I love Celine Dion.
She’s the best.

3. I do not eat chicken that contains bones - in any way.

4. I could ‘people watch’ all day long.
It fascinates me.

5. I have so much love.

Feel free to fill out your own loves/hates.
It’d be interesting to see what you have to write!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Inspiration.

Source: weheartit.

Favourite At Burberry Prorsum.

By far, is this lilac satin trench coat.
I recently chose to draw this as part of my school assignment, because I adored it so much. It's my favourite piece out of the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 collection, as well as that lilac dress I'm totally obsessed with (seen in previous posts). Christopher Bailey continues to do such an amazing job at creating some spectacular pieces each season. I wish I could add this two thousand and something dollar trench to my wardrobe!

1. Australian Nicole Trunfio.
2. Alexa Chung. Definately her colour.
3. Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 runway.
4. Emma and her brother Alex Watson in the recent Burberry campaign.

Such a gorgeous colour.
Perfect shape.
 Especially loving the knot shoulders.

PS. Thank you Mr Bailey for bringing back the sock and heels combo!

Source: various.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winter Woolies.

Another item I'm in love with - knitted hot pants.
Belted like this especially.
With the navy cardigan and blonde flowing hair.

I love the softness of this shot.

I've forgotten who they're by.
Can anyone help me out?

Miley, You Surprise Me.

I'm not your biggest fan. Infact, I wouldn't say I'm really a fan at all, but you are beginning to surprise me. 
I recently found myself enjoying looking at new images of Miley out and about and at certain events because, well, her personal style just keeps getting better and better. It also helps having a nice tan and long hair, like she does! Jealousss.

She does casual best, I think.
I'm in the market for boots this coming winter, 
but I wish I could pull them off as good as she does.

I'm completely over the moon in love with this dress.
I think it's her best red carpet look following this years Oscar's gown.

I want her dog 'Mate'.
It's the cutest thing in the whole world!

Source: zimbio, weheartit.

Suri Cruise.

I'm not even a real Suri fan, but she's just too cute here. This is actually my favourite photo of her ever. 


Speaking Of Isabel Lucas.

Her facial features are out of this world!

Like. Totally.

Source:, zimbio.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Loving Isabel Lucas' Ankle Boots.

They're a really lovely colour.
I like that they're different from the usual boots we see.
Plus, they look great with her black skirt and tee.

She's at the Calvin Klein Fall 2010 show sitting front row 
sitting along side Kate Bosworth and fellow Australian, Naomi Watts.


Fashion Beauties From Coachella.

I know, Coachella again! But, music festivals is where a lot of individuality comes out to play. And we all know there are a few beauties who totally stand out from the crowd! Even the simplest outfit can be a big hit. Just like this second girl - Her cute floral wreath screams cutesy boho. And, well, this first girl - I completely adore her dress! 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mathias, Baby.

I always knew he was a very attractive guy. I mean, come on - It's not half obvious! But I never did really appreciate, to the full extent, his amazing qualities. When dressed as 'Mathias' and not a character for the runway, I cannot fault him. He does not over-ride Marcus Hedbrandh, however, he's up there.

I think it's all in his eyes, lips and hair.


Source: tumblr.

The Hills Besties.


The girls for the May issue of Glamour magazine
where Lauren Conrad is featured on the cover.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Kate And Alex Lovin' At Coachella.

They're super cute. She sure knows how to pick them! And again - killer festival style from Bosworth.

I couldn't narrow it down so I decided to put up all of the images that were saved to my desktop.
So cutesy.

Source: justjared.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Bash.

Happy Birthday, Muffin.


Kate Is Coachella Cutie.

Seriously, can she be any more amazing?
She looks effortlessly put together all of the time.
Cute boyfriend, stunning clothes, flowing hair, the 'festival' look down-pat.
She continues to prove why she's my favourite!

My favourite part of these shots are...
1. Her natural hair and flower head-band.
2. How cutesy her and Alex Skarsbabegard are.
3. Her skin and her adorable smile.

Again, if I could be someone else, it would be her.

Source: justjared.

Friday, April 16, 2010

You Have Stolen My Heart.

Kelly Smith. Far out, her illustrations are utterly amazing!

Kelly's an Australian freelance illustrator with a career focus in both portrait and fashion illustration. Vogue used these words to describe Kelly and her work - "Art imitates fashion life in this illustrators model sketches", And that's exactly what she's done. It's perfection. At just 23 years old, she's already been featured in publications such as Australian Vogue, Cream, Shop Till You Drop, Russh, Yen and Fashion Journal, just to name a select few. This girl is super talented, and as a student studying Fashion Drawing myself, she's a complete inspiration. I'd love one day to be able to not only have the exceptional fashion illustration ability she has shown in many of her pieces, but to also have a successful career. She gives me hope.

Some of my favourite illustrations.
Such incredible skill.

"I find beauty fascinating, especially the sort that models possess: perfectly symmetrical faces and unbelievably long limbs. It looks quite out of place in an everyday environment, but in art it's that sort of perfection that you're always trying to capture."
"I always have a current muse."

We're so similar.

Source: google, birdy&me, flickr.