Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Kind of stolen from Birdy & Me’s blog.
Just a little Q&A that got sent around like a chain letter.
I thought I’d sit down and have a go better I head off for a long night of work.

I have to list 10 things I LOVE, 10 things I DON'T LOVE
and 5 random things about me.

So here I go:


1. Fashion.
Everything about it. Really.

2. Magazines.
I’m totally addicted. Like, it’s not even normal.
I keep them. Always. I feel major regret if I go to throw any out.

3.Kate Bosworth. 
She’s just amazing. I love her to pieces.
Style inspiration. Successful. Super gorgeous.

4. Bec Parsons.
My favourite Australian photographer.
She’s just a complete genius.
Her chosen subject matter is just so me.

5. Cupcakes.
They’re cute and delicious.

6. Marcus Hedbrandh.
My ultimate number one male model in the world.
Super cute. Entertaining - in a hilarious way. Swedish.
Pretty sure we'll end up together. 

7. Cute movies.
Nothing better than crawling into bed after a long day
with a movie filled with romance and eye candy.

8. Sweden.
I need to be there.

9. My family and best friends.
It’s simple.

10. My dreams, interest and goals.
I may have not realized them all just yet,
but the prospect is exciting!


1.    Being a scaredy cat.
Argh. Makes regret so many great things that ‘could have been’.

2. Girls and inappropriate clothing.
I don’t get it.
They should take this advice and dress for women, not men.
It’s wise.

3. Competition.
I’m not a competitive person. I wish I were.
Whether it has to do with boys, jobs, sport. I’ll give my best, but I’m not one to put up a massive fight.

4.  Being late.
I sometimes procrastinate so badly before I walk out of the door.
No idea.

5. Hating on Justin Bieber.
Leave him alone; he’s a cutie.

6. Snacking on junk food.
I need to cut that shit outtt.

7. Catching public transport.
It takes up too much unnecessary time.
So unreliable and costly.

8. Early mornings.
I wish I were a morning person, I really do.

9. Money.
Wanting to do/buy the most expensive things,
but not having the cash required.
E.g. European adventures and that Chloé bag.

10. Needing new clothes ASAP, but stores having nothing to offer.
Hate, hate, hate.
This is always me.


1. When watching The O.C. I like to think that I’m Mischa
because I get to wear that Chanel dress, be besties with Rachel Bilson and mack Cam Gigandet.

2. I love Celine Dion.
She’s the best.

3. I do not eat chicken that contains bones - in any way.

4. I could ‘people watch’ all day long.
It fascinates me.

5. I have so much love.

Feel free to fill out your own loves/hates.
It’d be interesting to see what you have to write!


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