Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Crush | AfterDrk.

I've had a crush on Sabrina Meijer's style from After DRK for awhile now.
Her style is completely me, which is what I love most about it all.

She makes me want to be a little bit bolder with some of my choices.
To step out in leopard print flats, to wear sweaters with a pair of shorts and make it look far from casual,
to wear grey on grey a la Dree Hemingway, to layer singlets/tops/sweaters and to be adorned with arms full of jewellery 24/7.

Her Celine bag, Isabel Marant everything, that turquoise watch, 
her grey wrap skirt made from a H&M scarf and that chunky statement necklace.

PS. I think I will make this 'Blog Crush' feature a monthly contribution.

Source: afterDRK.

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