Monday, October 24, 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Week Eleven | Final Shoot.

The final shoot for Australia's Next Top Model 2011 took place in Dubai.
The girls travelled like top models in business class, stayed at the most luxurious hotel 'Atlantis The Palm' 
and went on not one, but two high fashion photoshoots located in the the streets of Dubai and in the burning desert.

They battled through intense conditions - dressed in winter designs from high fashion labels, in the sweltering 45+ degree heat, 
in which Simone nearly fainted, had her shoot cut short and got whisked away by the swoon-worthy photographer Georges Antoni.

I think that all of the girls did such an incredible job this week.
It really made me realise that this years top three has been incredibly strong... Maybe even the strongest ever.

I've voted. Who have you voted for?


Source: fox8/australia'snextopmdel

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