Friday, October 7, 2011

In Love With Givenchy Spring 2012.

Givenchy Spring 2012 RTW Collection.

This collection is completely flawless. I would wear/own/cherish every single piece of it.
I honestly can't even dissect the parts I love the most, because I absolutely adore every aspect, every detail, every little creative thought.

Once I read that Riccardo Tisci was influenced by surfers and mermaids, that's when I fell more deeply in love with it.
These were his water babies. Covered in lush pastels and exotic materials. Like they had just stepped out of the sea.
And it makes sense - When looking at a bunch of backstage hair and make-up close-ups prior, I got the hugest mermaid, mystical, beach babe vibe. 
It became apparent, these girls weren't just models, they were beautiful creatures in a magical story.

I just want to be in this world he's created.


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